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The Only Candle Dye You Will Ever Need

With 16 colors included in this box, enough dye to color 141 lbs of wax, you can create millions of different colors. Great for Soy, Paraffin and other wax type.

Premium Wax Dye

A great go to wick

Cotton paper weave means a firmer, longer burning wick.

Natural Woven Cotton Wicks

100 high-quality, 100% natural cotton wicks, interwoven with paper for extra firmness and lengthier burn time.

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Posted by Soulsoy on Tuesday, December 22, 2020

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Why Use Soulsoy Dyes?


Made with a natural plant wax base, these dyes are not harmful to the environment and are non-toxic.

Most wax types

Used to color most wax types, and works great for your pillars, votives or mold candles. Not for bees wax or gel wax.

Vibrant Colors

16 Beautiful vibrant colors. Different waxes take on different shades. Soy wax produces a more pastel finish, where paraffin wax will hold a darker, deeper color.


Manufactured to the highest standard. Easy dissolution means no streaks or stains in your candles. Use a tiny amount, for deep, vibrant color.

No Animal Testing

These dyes are certified safe for the skin but have never been tested on any animals, including dragons

Value For Money

You know what they say about small packages right? Yes this applies here. Enough dye to color 141lbs of wax. This little box is real value for money!

16 Vibrant Colors

Create millions of different colors. Combining black & white with any other color gives it a deeper or lighter shade. Mixing all the other colors gives you the freedom to create just about anything


Bright Blue

Bright Orange

Deep Cherry

Super Red


Royal Blue


Dark Green

Lemon Yellow




Lime Green


Silver Grey


A long time in the making! Loadscience started out as a small sideline project but has grown from strength-to-strength and is now the goto app for candle makers. From calculating simple quatities and costs to complex, multi-layered batch creation. This is an absolute must have for candle makers.

The official candle maker’s app

Download the app and use the free version forever but to get the really juicy bits, subscribe and get one month free to trial out the advanced calculator.

Loadscience will continue to grow and offer beginner to advanced candle makers the solutions they have been looking for.

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